Well, Nancy started going back to work about a week ago, and already, she’s called in sick once 🙂 I gotta tell you, as much as I love having Nancy at home, but when she’s at work, I tend to do more things. Let’s see…..

  • my Saturday started with waking up right before 8 am. I went straight to my home office and logged on to my work email thru VPN. I had to do some work, I’m scheduled to be in Dallas beginning Monday – Friday of next week.
  • 1 at a time, my 3 kids woke up and joined daddy in the office
  • After spending a good hour on email, I went to the garage’s storage room, and unearthed the paint for my Family Room, a Dunn Edwards paint – Russet Green (like a celery green). I mixed the paint and my whole intention was just to do touch-ups…..I did so…done!!!
  • Then, I sorted my recycled items….headed to the Recycling center, my 4 garbage bags filled with plastics and cans earned me $12.73! Yes!!!
  • Next, some supermarket shopping, got some veggies, and ribs, and a phone call about my rental property…someone wants to see the house
  • Showed the property to this young couple with 3 kids (reminded me so much of me and Nancy)
  • Washed the Camry
  • Watched United Flight 93 on DVD
  • Home Service Haircut
  • Washed the Mercedes
  • Trader Joe’s shopping and Kragen Auto parts errand
  • Waxed the Mercedes (no buffing required)
  • Gave Ethan and Madison a bath
  • Some study time with Ethan
  • Dinner at Kuya Nelson’s house (just next door)
  • Watched “The Lake House” – Netflix failed us! The DVD was scratched.

You get the picture! It wasn’t until after the movie that Nancy came home…..that was a jam packed 12-hours!

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