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My 1st Blog !!! (originally posted 8/11/06)

Scary!!! Hahahaha…..let’s see what goes thru my brain! Nothing!!!

Ok, it has been a crazy year thus far…..good chaos is what I need, and good chaos is what I got. We got pregnant late last year, and so for most of the year 2006, Nancy was carrying our 3rd child. Let’s just do a review of 2006 to date:

Work Wise – Verizon, can you hear me now? Well I’ve been travelling like crazy. I started traveling this past February, all the way up till now. I’ve got trips scheduled left and right. Things have slowed down the past 2 weeks. So far, I’ve gone to Philadelphia nearly 10 times since Feb. Dallas 3x, Seattle 2x, Washington DC (1x), New York (1x). Has it taken it’s toll? Yes and no. I just hate the fact that I got to be at the airport an hour or so before the flight, and what gets me most is flight delays. There was one trip from Philly back to LA. We boarded the plane, and the plane left the terminal, literally moved a few hundred yards from the terminal and then just STOPPED! We were stuck in the plane for about 3 hours. The plane did not go back to the terminal, we were just sitting there.

NEW YORK – Of all the places I’ve travelled to, it is still New York City that holds a special place for me. I will never, ever get bored of going to this city. One has to go to New York and experience it and really LIVE it up. You just have to let your cares go away. There’s no other place in the world that will make me walk blocks and blocks, and take a cab, or a subway, other than New York. It’s a way of life. This past trip, I was there for nearly a week, and stayed in Times Square, Brooklyn, and Lower Manhattan (just blocks away from Ground Zero). I actually “worked” this time while in New York. I got to play after hours. So I did what most New Yorkers do, go to a deli for lunch, grab a hot dog from a street vendor, walk walk walk!!! After hours, take a train ride to Times Square, watched a couple of shows, even got to see Jessica Simpson leave the MTV TRL studios. Then, there’s Chinatown, and Little Italy, and Central Park, and Brooklyn Heights……the list just goes on and on. Fortunately, I’ve been here quite a few times, that I didn’t have to do the other touristy things. I took my digital cam with me and just took pics of different NY sights.

CAITLIN REESE – to those who don’t know, she’s our newest addition to our growing family. Prior to her birth, Nancy and I were trying everything to have Caitlin via normal delivery. We walked, ate spicy food, did every imaginable thing to get this baby our naturally. We even postponed a C-section, because “I” had a root canal unfortunate event. So imagine me in pain, while my wife was watching the Endodontist drill into my teeth….ouch!!! Long story short, I stole my baby’s thunder even before she was born. The C-section was rescheduled on June 27, at the time, Nancy was already 41 weeks. It was very strange to go to the hospital knowing that you will have a baby at a very specific time. Nancy was wheeled in to the Operating Room around 6 pm, and I was allowed to go in by 6:15. Her lower half was shielded by curtain/drape looking thing, but to my right is this glass partition, so when I looked, I was able to see the things they were doing to her. I chose not to look anymore, but curiosity got the best of me every few seconds.

At 6:21, we heard “Ok, you’re about to have your baby”. And there she was………little Caitlin Reese…..the rest is history………Madison just did not know what to do with her little sister. She was so excited, wanted to pamper her little sister right away. As always, little Ethan was just a delight. He sang lullabies to Caitlin during her 1st hours, and he chose to stay with me, Nancy and Caitlin at the hospital. He is such a great help.

Year of the Weddings – Ok, if you’re from Oxnard, you know that weddings there is like the Olympics…….they’re not as often, in fact, the last time Oxnard saw a major wedding was probably 4 or 5 years ago. Well….NOT THIS YEAR!!! It started with Jaimer and Estrellita’s Wedding in March, Hannah and Eric’s in June, Rhelee and Bobby’s in July, and Jojit and Susan’s in August. Not to mention, Zenas and Cuwi got married this year too…although not in Oxnard…..but you get what I mean!

NINONG JASON – I was asked to be a Ninong in Jaimer and Ex’s wedding. What were they thinking? hahaha. Anyways, I did what every Ninong in their right mind does during a wedding…..EMBARASS HIMSELF… it goes. If you’re in Oxnard Choir, you might remember this. Ok…..Neil and Cindy came over my house, hours before the wedding. Neil borrowed black shoes….so we went to our garage, where all the shoes were, I gave Neil a pair of the ones I normally use, and I saw these shiny pair of black shoes meant for a Tux. I’ve never worn them….I think they belong to my dad. So voila, I put them on, headed to church. We got ready for the Ninong and Ninang processional…..there was a white runner down the aisle and some flowers on the runner. Without joking, as I walked by the 1st pew, things sounded a little funky with the way the shoes touched the aisle. So I kept walking, cheesing for the camera….by the 4th pew, I lost balance….the sole and heel on my right shoe CAME OFF.Panic Time. What to do? The sole and heel were literally a few inches away from me. I turned around, and instead of picking up the sole and heel, I stepped on it……dragged it to the last row, and just wanted to die right then and there. From afar, I made it look like I had a cramp. What I would give to have a cramp that moment. So, please don’t ask me to be a Ninong again…. hehehee 🙂

JOJIT and SUSAN’s Wedding – Well finally! I just didn’t think that day would ever come. When they got engaged 2 years ago, and heard that they plan on marrying 2 years later…..I was like “what???” that was so long of a wait. Well, as always good things come to those who wait. Months before the wedding, Madison has been practicing in our hallway, carrying a basket filled with dried rose petals. She would pick up the basket, walk a step or 2, then stop, grab petals and scatter them all in the same place, and once empty…..drop the basket, and run to the finish line. You get the picture. We tried practicing, without petals….just didn’t have the same effect for her.

Ethan on the other hand was born a pro. He was asked to be a ringbearer for Ninang Ellie/Ninong Lenne’s 50th Anniversary…….just had all the signs of nailing this ringbearer biz! He had the ultimate confidence, the smile, the walk…..the works! By the time he rehearsed for Jit’s wedding, he can literally pass out business cards for future wedding events.

SHOWER – In July, while I stayed home bonding with Caitlin, Nancy and I printed the cards for the shower for Jit and Susan. I travelled to Dallas and NY back 2 back weeks, so I wasn’t around to help prepare. The shower was held at my house on July 29th. That was the week when it was just pure humid in Ventura County. Ethan had his Lemonade stand. He charged 5 cents per cup. Nancy and I actually gave the coins to our guests to use as payment. Ethan had a blast. The ice-cold lemonade was the answer to our quenching thirst.The shower was fun, Cindy Tanghal led an adult-themed game/s… galore, and what is a Pinoy party without Karaoke thru the evening. I had a blast, and I think the guests did too.

REHEARSAL AND DINNER – The day before the wedding, we had a rehearsal at the chapel, and then the dinner that evening at the Clubhouse. The dinner was an invite-only, the sponsors, wedding party, and Jit and Susan’s close friends. They had the event catered by L & L Hawaiian BBQ. It was nice to just relax, just a good enough sized guests.

JOJIT and SUSAN’s WEDDING DAY – It was nice to wake up a little later than usual, knowing that the wedding was in the afternoon. Knowing that we now have 3 kids, things have to be strategically prepared. We ordered pizza from Toppers instead of cooking. By noon, we were all in a panic mode of getting ready. Our photographer came to our house by 1 pm….took pics….and then it’s time to hit the road to go to the chapel. We got there by 2:30, and just admired how the chapel had a simplistic elegance.

Susan walked down the aisle shortly after 3. From my perspective, the wedding was quite solemn, I saw the expression on their faces during their exchange of vows. It was just pure magic. They’ve been waiting for this moment and it showed how much this moment meant to them. After the ceremony, it was pictures pictures pictures. I had to keep the flow going, ensuring that we don’t stay too long in Oxnard, we still have a trek to go Santa Barbara.

RECEPTION – although there was a bit of a traffic, it was nice to see the beaches to the left, and just enjoy the scenery. The reception was at the Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort. There were appetizers and drinks for the guests. By 5:30, they were allowed inside the Reagan Room. By 6 pm, the entourage was introduced, and my little Madison was the runaway flower girl. Around 6:30 were the toasts. Sharlene started with her speech, brief, but very heartfelt. She did tell me earlier that hers will be brief, but not mine heheheeh!

MY SPEECH – I really have been thinking about my speech for nearly 9 months. I was watching thru some old videos, and came across Jojit’s dedication to me and Nancy during our engagement party. I built my speech around that. And the rest is history. I really had to pay tribute to what Susan did for my family during her first few months in California. My dad suffered a stroke around that time, and she just stepped right in – ready to help. Thank you Susan. That was a very difficult time….and you were there to help.

All in all, it was fun to see different folks who attended the party. Some commented how they love the details of the wedding, from the invitation, to the location, to the program, to flowers, etc. We were just dead tired after the wedding. I brought extra clothes with me, so I drove home a little on the comfortable side.

Dang, I didn’t realize this blog was long until I read it back to Nancy…….!!!!

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