Yes!!! I recently bought Apple’s newest laptop…the MacBook. It’s a long lost reunion…….and the keyword here is LOST. I’d like to think that I’m PC literate (somewhat), and moving from PC to Mac is a big change. However, I’m open to changes.

I’m enjoying the MacBook a whole lot, although it’s only my 3nd day with it, I’m slowly falling in love with all of its bells and whistles. Now, why the sudden change to Mac? Well put it this way, I am not giving up my PC yet, I will still be using my work laptop and my other windows based laptop. I guess it all started with my 1st iPod that I bought 2 years, it was a 40 GB. I like that iPod a lot. But what I didn’t like so much was the PC that I was using at the time. It took forever sync-ing my music, and whenever I used a new CD, it took forever to load the songs to the PC. But still, I kept the pc. Then early in November 2006, my iPod just started acting up. I couldn’t use it anymore. It’s too bad I didn’t buy it at Costco. I could have returned it with no questions ask.

Lo’ and behold, on my birthday last month, Nancy surprised me with an 80GB iPod video. Once again, Apple fascinated me. I was able to load my songs, and pics, and some homemade videos. I was having a great time watching the videos and connecting them to the TV. So over the Thanksgiving holiday sale, I started eyeing deals on a Mac. To my surprise, the new MacBook is not really on sale. So with a few searching here and there, I narrowed my searches down to the following places:

Costco – nope……they only have iPod’s – no Mac’s
Fry’s – they carry Mac’s , regular price
Apple Store – duh!!!! regular price
Navy Exchange – well I had to try (no tax there)
Verizon – yes, Verizon. It turns out I get Apple discounts ($75 off, free shipping, + tax)

Then a little Angel, Glenn, told me – go with Amazon. $75 rebate, free shipping, no tax… that point…NO BRAINER. Placed the order online on Thursday night, by Monday, the MacBook came. The rest is history.

I’m looking for a Mac Crash course. I’m so glued to my PC and I expect to get out more from this Mac. and I just might change my email address… might be time to retire gap4jason….to mac4jason? MacdaddyJay? Any suggestions? 🙂

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