Aloha!!! We’re on Oahu. It’s Friday night, 10:30pm, we arrived around 7:30 local time (10:30pm Calif Time). The moment we left the airport to take the shuttle to pick-up our car rental, bam…77 degrees. Nice!!! With us on vacation is Nancy’s sister, Ate Baby, and our 2 little ones, Caitlin and Evan. Ethan and Madison chose to stay home! hahaha kidding! Well they have “Star” Testing at school for 2 weeks so they couldn’t join us. 🙁

Last time Nancy and I were here on Oahu, was in 1998 – we were still dating. I joined her family on a vacation to Hawaii. I’ve mentioned this quite a few times to a few of my very close friends that I’ve ruled out Oahu when it comes to vacationing in Hawaii because it reminds me of LA/Santa Monica. When on vacation, I like being away from it all – which is why I enjoyed Kauai a lot. But, I decided to go back to Oahu again, and this time, prior to going on vacation, I did my research on Tripadvisor’s Oahu Forum, and got advice from the Food Network (Diners Drive Ins and Dives). Plus, from Roel and Cha-C (I would like to call them – my Oahu-ficcionados) – luv u both!!!

The flight from LAX was around 5 hours long so we had every reason to just head straight to the hotel, right? But no! Tasty Travels (that’s me) – I’ve got a list of local things I want to do while on vacation. I will try my best NOT to go to restaurants that I normally see in California. Ok, so after leaving National Car Rental parking lot, I forgot that I brought a portable navigation system that I just got from Costco 2 days ago, but it was in my luggage. Duh! That’s not gonna help! I don’t think I even charged it! HA! So I had to stop and get it out of my luggage, and punched in the address to Liliha Bakery.Counter-style dining at Liliha BakeryCounter-style dining at Liliha Bakery

It’s in Honolulu, open 24 hours. The moment we arrived at Liliha Bakery on Kuakini St….bingo, what caught my attention, and what I liked seeing was the crowd! Hey that’s gotta tell you something good about this place.Liliha BakeryLiliha Bakery

I did see a bakery side, and then a counter-style restaurant on the other side. It’s not a huge establishment. I managed to find a space for us all the way to the far right.

We ordered – Loco Moco, Saimin Loco Moco and SaiminLoco Moco and Saimin, Pork Cutlet Meal (with gravy, and macaroni salad). You have to remember, our last meal was over 6 hours ago. The loco moco’s hamburger meat was so juicy, and I had ordered the eggs cooked over-medium, so the yolk still gushed through the gravy….yum! Saimin – steaming hot, with chunks of Spam…..the pork cutlet meal had a different flavor that I’ve never had before, yet it was still oh so tasty! For dessert, the cake of the day is Haupia.<Photo 6 > I thought it was going to be like a Filipino Hopia (hahahahaha), but no! It was a white cake with coconut cream like frosting, and shaved coconuts. It was light, not too sweet. Just simply perfect to end our 1st meal in paradise.

Finally, we made our way to Waikiki. Our hotel is on Ala Moana Blvd, the Ilikai Hotel. It is part of our timeshare, and it will be home for us these next 5 days. I can’t wait to bring the kids swimming……who knows I might even take surfing lessons! Who knows??? This all for now….more later ….ALOHA !!!The Ilikai Hotel – Waikiki

The Ilikai Hotel - Waikiki

By Jason

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