How to get $11 flights to Hawaii (Part Two)

Kamaole III Beach Park, Maui

A few days ago, I wrote a blog entry on How to get $11 flights to Hawaii. 

In a nutshell, unless you want to pay for a full fare, the alternative that I’ve used since 2014 was earning airline miles and points via credit card sign-up bonuses. That strategy has been my family’s ticket to Hawaii and to anywhere and everywhere in the world. We have not had to pay full fare for awhile now, all thanks to the generous credit card sign-up offers that abound in the US.
I do find the best value using Chase Ultimate Rewards, these are the points earned by using one of the credit cards that I highly recomchase-sapphire-preferredmend, the Chase Sapphire Preferred (click here). As mentioned in my last blog, with the 50,000 bonus points that you get after you meet the minimum spend of $4,000, that’s good enough for two round trip tickets to Hawaii (or to different parts of the US…NYC, Boston, etc.). These have been ways I’ve booked our trips to Hawaii:

  • Using Ultimate Rewards and booking with British Airways Avios;
  • Using Ultimate Rewards and booking with Korean Airlines;
  • Using Ultimate Rewards and booking with United Airlines
  • Using HawaiianMiles.
Outside Wailea Beach Marriott

What’s the difference? All points are created equal, right? NOPE

Let’s use this example. I need one roundtrip ticket from Los Angeles to Maui. As always, I will share my experience as to the ones I’ve looked up or have tried using before. Using the dates of February 3, returning on February 10, the spreadsheet below shows the four different airlines that could take you to Maui, the # of points needed, and the fees charged per ticket.


I do have Hawaiian Airline points but it would cost me 70K points for one ticket in February. No, thanks! Here’s the screenshot if I booked Hawaiian Airlines at 70,000 miles. I’ll definitely scratch this one off.


I also have points with United Airlines, but it will cost me 45K points per ticket.  Here’s 45,000 miles required to fly United Airlines, I’d skip this!


But I found something else that’s better. I could transfer my points to British Airways or Korean Airlines and only use 25K per ticket and $11.20 in fees. Here’s the 25,000 points needed with British Airways. I like this. I’ve done this!!! Cha-China!  

***Note, the 25,000 points works best when flying out of a West Coast State (CA, AZ, OR, WA).

(As of 2019, this is now 26,000 points per person)



So, how exactly  do I book with British Airways?

Maui 2016 – Oheo Gulch

First of all, one might wonder, “wait a minute, British Airways does not fly to Hawaii, do they?” Well, you’re right. However there’s a work around. I’ll give you my real-life experience. Back in June 2015, we decided to bring our entire family to Kauai. I had Chase Ultimate Reward points to use that was good enough to bring four of us to Hawaii. I also had Hawaiian Airlines miles that I planned on using for the other two in my party of six. At the time, I learned about using my Chase Ultimate Rewards points by transferring our points to British Airways (BA). How will BA fly us to Hawaii? Well, think of BA as the gateway, the conduit. We booked our seats via BA, but we actually flew American Airlines from LA to Kauai. American Airlines is a partner airline. This is what I had to do, and you can do it, too:

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-6-51-44-pmI created a British Airways Executive Account, creating an account was free.chase_marketing_page_2016_logo_update-_cb293760570_

I checked BA for flight availability and found available seats. That was the point when I decided to transfer points to BA.

I transferred points from Chase Ultimate Rewards Account to my new BA Avios account. This was all done via the Chase Ultimate Rewards Website

Transferring the points transferred quite quickly. For me, it happened within a few minutes of me hitting the enter key

Once the points posted in to my BA Avios account, I was ready to book

a. Booking Online direct is at no extra cost

b. Or, I can call British Airways directly, and book.

In my case, I was having trouble with booking online, so I called them directly. BA waived the booking fee for me.

img_5625How far in advance can you book with British Airways?

This is what I learned. It all depends on the destination. For Hawaii, you can’t book TOO far in advance. Back in March 2016, a buddy of mine searched for rewards flight for a trip to Hawaii he was planning later in the Summer of 2016. He checked British Airways, but BA did not return any results for his search. I did learn that when it comes to booking Hawaii, BA could open up seats within 5-6 weeks of your planned trip, but it’s never guaranteed. I have been lucky…twice. In 2015, I planned a last-minute trip to Kauai for a mid-July travel IMG_3280.jpgtimeframe. I started my search quite late (end of June), and I did find seats in the third week of July. Booked it. Fast forward to ten months later, I searched for tickets to Maui hoping for seats to come up around the 4th of July. I did my search at the end of May and was surprised to find six seats  before the 4th of July. Again, this is only based on my experience. I did hear from other folks on Reddit that they’ve also experienced the same limitation with booking with British. In my case, since I tend to book at the last minute, it has always worked out for me.

What’s another option other than transferring points to British Airways?

Transferring your Chase Ultimate Reward points to Korean Airlines…you will then fly Delta. That’s the next segment, the next blog entry I will be writing.

In the meantime, if paying $11.20 for a round trip ticket to Hawaii is enticing enough for you, you need to make sure you have one of the Chase cards that earn Ultimate Rewards. My suggestion, consider signing up for Chase Sapphire Preferred that could get you 2 FREE round trip tickets to Hawaii as I’ve shown above.

This is all for now. Mahalo!

Also, here are my favorite cards that I use myself. Always make sure you have the latest and greatest offer. These offers do change from time to time.

chase-sapphire-preferredTo take advantage of credit card deals that will give you lots of bonus point for travels and trips, the  and the Chase Sapphire Preferredsapphire_reserve_card and Chase Sapphire Reserve – a perfect starter card that could easily get you 2 FREE roundtrip tickets from anywhere in the US to NYC or Hawaii, or just about anywhere. It’s also good for flights anywhere in the world.

Both cards will allow you to earn 50,000 bonus points, the difference lies on the benefits of the cards and the annual fee. For details on the difference, click here…..

biz_pref_cardIf you have a small business, you can also get Chase Ink Business Preferred(click here) and get 80,000 Ultimate Rewards points by applying for a Chase Ink card...I love this card! You can pay your cell phone bills with this card and get 3x per dollar.



freedom_cal_5_percent_cardChase has another card with rotational rewards that give you 5% Cashback or Ultimate Rewards…it’s the Chase Freedom The promo has included purchases with gas stations, groceries, restaurant, the typical everyday spend. Just by signing up and spending $500, you get $150 cashback….best part? No Annual Fee.

platinum-card[1]With American Express Platinum (personal) and  American Express Business Platinum you earn Membership Rewards good for air, hotel transfers, $100 Global Entry application credit, $200 Airline travel credit, $200 Uber credit, Priority Pass lounge access, and so much more! This one is another favorite!!!

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