Ever since I got my American Express Platinum card, I’ve always kept in my mind the different perks that come along with having a Platinum card. Today, I’m excited to share a perk that I’ve recently used and was surprised with the outcome.

Two good friends of mine, Tin and Betsy went to NYC last February. We got in touch, and I suggested that I could possibly help them get tickets to a brand new Broadway musical, Frozen aka the Disney animated movie, aka famous for that song that every little girl sang, Let It Go. Well, the show now has a theatrical staged-version. This musical began its previews on February 22nd, around the same time that my friends were in NYC. 

Outside the St. James Theatre weeks before Frozen opened on Broadway

I happened to be in NYC early in January when we discussed about me helping them get seats. I checked directly by going to the St. James Theatre on W. 44th St. This is the theatre where Frozen is currently shown.

Frozen during the first blizzard of 2018, NYC.

At the time of my visit back in January, according to the the box office, the earliest available date for 2 seats to be together was around April 2018. I wasn’t surprised. This is Frozen after all, the movie with a $2 Billion box office earnings.

As of this writing, when I went to the musical’s website, their best ticket availability is for later this summer 2018. This has the capability of being another Broadway phenomenon. Regular face value tickets range from $99 to as high as $187, and this does not include the added fees. Since my friends wanted to see the show in February, all of the seats were already purchased. This was when I thought about American Express Concierge service, the same service that got me 3rd row orchestra seats to Hamilton last Spring 2017 at face value of $199 (while the folks next to us paid $1,000 each).

After watching Hamilton NYC – April 2017

During my call with Amex concierge service, I was informed that Amex had access to trusted third-party resellers. After going through the seat selections, we chose two seats in the Mezzanine 6th Row on the right side at $190 each, $380 total. According to Amex, the tickets will be shipped via UPS no later than Friday, January 19.

Original: Confirmation from Amex – Mezzanine Level Seats

On January 23rd, I realized that the tickets have not yet been delivered to me. I called Amex Concierge and was advised that they couldn’t reach the seller, so they gave me the following options:

  1. Wait to hear back from the seller; or
  2. Cancel the purchase and get a full refund; or
  3. Search for similar or better seats without having to pay extra.

Well, duh!!! I chose Door #3. American Express Concierge came back with WAY better seats, more expensive, but I didn’t have to pay the difference. I found out that Amex’s source for these tickets was Stubhub so it must’ve been a Stubhub policy to give similar or better seats if the original purchased tickets never arrive. The choice from the original seller was Mezzanine Right on the 6th Row. The new replacement seats that were given to me were a major improvement. Orchestra Center 11th Row (value of $400 each plus fees). We could’ve been charged nearly $900 for these seats, but because this was an error by their trusted seller, Amex and Stubhub were able to pass the benefit to me:

  • Similar or better seats
  • Without paying extra fees for the difference
Revised Confirmation: Orchestra Center Seats

Tin and Betsy were especially thrilled that the price they paid for  mezzanine seats had been upgraded to Center Orchestra Seats. Thank you, American Express and Stubhub.

American Express Platinum and its concierge service have been great to work with, and I’m glad that I was able to use this perk in order to get tickets to this show. I’ve since used the Concierge service a couple of more times for upcoming shows later this year in Los Angeles. If you want to learn more about my trusted travel credit cards that have given my family many opportunities to travel nearly free, click here.

Finally, as a bonus, my friends sent me these pictures of the theatre, the souvenirs, and the Playbill.


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