LAX Delta Sky Club & flying Aeromexico’s Business Class to Peru

If you know me well enough, you’d know that when it comes to traveling with my family when we’re using our reward points, to maximize the value of our points, we typically travel economy or coach. Traveling first or business class require more points so it makes more sense for the six of us to travel in economy.

It doesn’t matter what class we’re on as long as we’re on the same flight (Hawaii to Los Angeles – April 2018)

However, opportunity knocked when this amazing business class seats to Peru became available. It was a trip for me and Nancy, and I figured this would be an opportunity to try and kick up our game up a notch. I knew going in this business class would not compare to the different business classes or first class services from the top airlines out there such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Korean, etc. But heck, I was willing to give it a try.

Eyes wide open at LAX 4am

We arrived just a little past 4am at LAX, three hours before our scheduled departure. We were at Terminal 2. The Delta counters were already quite busy, but I noticed the Aeromexico’s counters had no agents. It wasn’t until past 4:30am when the agents came and began to assist the travelers. We were one of the first ones to be assisted since we had priority.

Two Ricardo Carryons, Tumi backpack, and Eddie Bauer Backpack

We didn’t need to check any of our luggage. We were able to bring our carryons and backpacks with us to our gate. Since we were TSA Precheck approved, we swiftly bypassed the slowly growing line and made it straight to the TSA agent.

TSA Precheck headed to security at LAX

Delta Sky Club

Another reason why we don’t mind making it to the airport early nowadays was because of the opportunity to use the lounge. I read about the Delta Sky Club, part of the lounges that we could use since we hold the American Express Platinum Card.

IMG_5181 2

However, there is a written rule that we had to fly Delta in order to use the lounge. Well, you know me. I decided to go to the Sky Club and ask anyway. Nancy and I showed our boarding passes and American Express cards. But once they realized we weren’t flying Delta, they advised us that we couldn’t use the lounge. However, since we were flying business class, it was a good thing that Delta and Aeromexico were part of the same alliance, Skyteam, therefore, we were allowed in to use the club. Case solved! We could’ve just easily used the other lounge, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, but Delta and it’s linkage to American Express, I imagine would be far superior.

Yay! We got to use Delta’s Sky Club

We walked in and it was quite spacious. It was just starting to get busy at 5am. I opted for an everything bagel with cream cheese, hard boiled eggs, a little bit of blueberry muffin, and a cafe latte. I was able to blog while Nancy enjoyed her breakfast as well.

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Aeromexico’s Business Class to Peru

We stayed at the Sky Club until 6am and we made our way down to Gate 23 to prepare for boarding. We were one of the first ones to board the plane. Our Aeromexico flight left as scheduled. An hour into the flight, warm breakfast served – scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, and mushrooms plus fresh fruits. It was good enough to fill us up through the 3-4 hour flight to Mexico City.

IMG_4217 2

Although I only had an hour of sleep, I was surprised that I stayed up during the entire flight. I was able to do a bit of blogging. Nancy was able to get some sleep. She needed it most. I kept myself busy with my blog writing, and used Gogo flight internet service with thanks to American Express Platinum’s perk, I got 8 free passes this calendar year.

BBB – Breakfast, Business class, and blogging – Aeromexico flight

So how was our first business class flight? I really had nothing to compare it with other than the one time I sat in first class from New York to Los Angeles. I did enjoy the comforts of having roomier seats, we were able to stretch and recline a bit, I’m not hard to please, so I appreciated those little extra convenient features. The crew attended to our needs, made sure we were fed, so no complaints here whatsoever. It’s a thumbs up for me!

Ok, I’m beginning to like this way of segmenting my blog. The next entry – our time spent inside Mexico City’s International Airport where got to use The Centurion Lounge by American Express. Stay tuned!

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