How to try and see a lot of Rome in a day

We left AC Hotel Marriott around 9am. We had a 12:20pm flight to catch. We headed straight to the train station and caught the train that was headed to Aeroporto. The ride took nearly an hour. I had already checked in online the night before, so we just headed straight for security, and once we got through security, we took advantage of our Priority Pass and availed of the ANA Airport Lounge.

Our flight to Rome had a connecting flight via Frankfurt Airport. That flight to Frankfurt was delayed and arrived in Frankfurt around 4:15 pm. I looked at our boarding passes for Rome – we had a 4:40pm boarding. There was no way we’d make it, I said. We still had to take a shuttle bus to the Terminal 1. We made it to Terminal 1 close to 4:30pm. The Lufthansa agent said we should make it to our Gate – A40, “just make sure you run fast” – and so we booked it. Maddie and I sprinted past 39 gates. It was a huge terminal. Short of any miracle, we made it to our gate by 4:52pm. We learned that the plane we were about to board just landed. But yes, we made it.

Maddie and I arrived in Rome at 9pm. We took the Leonardo Express, an express train (with no stops) from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini – the transportation hub in the heart of Rome. I bought our tickets while we were still inside the Terminal. It was 14 Euros per person. I had to validate the ticket prior to boarding.

We were one of the first ones to board and I had no idea the train would be full by the time we got moving. My MacBook was out of battery, I did see a power outlet next to our seats so I decided to write a little bit during our 1/2 hour journey.

The trek towards Termini went by quickly. I don’t recall every being Roma Termini back in 2007, when Nancy and I first visited Rome. It was as I had expected it would – a busy hub for all sorts of public transportation. Frankly, all I wanted to do was to get to our hotel


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