A day trip to Tarragona, Spain

Day trip in Tarragona, Spain

Not sure I’ve mentioned this before, this is our second visit to Barcelona. We were here two years ago. The goal was not to fully explore Barcelona all over again. But our goal is to go on day trips (within an hour train ride or so) and make it back to Barcelona in the evening for dinner and sleep.

Purchasing tickets to Tarragona

We walked up one of the regional ticket counters and bought two roundtrip tickets to Tarragona. The total cost for two roundtrip tickets = 32 Euros, or roughly 8 Euros per person each way.  Our train left out of platform 9, and we were on our way to Tarragona.

Day trip in Tarragona, Spain

Train ride to Tarragona

We found two seats and if there was one thing we’ve been doing quite a bit during this vacation, it was getting a lot of sleep. When we’re awake, we explored quite a bit, but we took many breaks, and found ourselves retiring back to the hotel for some sleep. Train rides do that to me as well. So for a little bit over an hour, I was knocked out. It was right when we got to Tarragona when Nancy woke me up.

Why Tarragona

When we checked the weather, Tarragona’s forecast was mostly sunny, while Montserrat was partly cloudy. We knew we’d visit as many towns for day trips, so we’re setting Montserrat aside for another day.

What not to miss in Tarragona

Balco de Mediterrani

Day trip in Tarragona, Spain

From Tarragona Station to this balcony views

Part Alta (historic center)

Day trip in Tarragona, Spain


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Amfiteatre Roma


Rambla Nova

Day trip in Tarragona, Spain




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Getting to the Aqueduct required a bus ride. We took the bus from Plaça Imperial Tarraco. We had choice to take Bus 5 or 85, and the first bus that arrived was 85. It was about a 15-minute ride to Pont De Diable. It’s a good thing I told the driver that we rode the bus for the Aqueduct. Once we got to Pont De Diable, he called out and made sure that we knew it was time for us to get off the bus.


There were no big signs or booth, so we just followed our instinct and found little signs to the Aqueduct. We made it to the Aqueduct within 7 minutes and wow! It was really breathtaking, a perfect opportunity for dozens of pictures.




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After leaving the Aqueduct, we took the same bus back to the city. This bus ride took about a half hour, again, a perfect opportunity to doze off. We caught the train close to 5pm, and made it back to Barcelona before 7pm. That was another long day, but it was a great day trip.



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