As mentioned many times, we don’t mind getting to the airport early nowadays. Thanks to our premier credit cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Business Platinum cards which gives us access to Priority Pass. What is Priority Pass? With this card, you have access to over 1,200 airport lounges around the world.


Since we carry the Chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Business Platinum Cards – part of the benefits tied to those card is getting a Priority Pass access. The cardholder can bring up to two guests per visit. We’ve used this many times around the world. Over at LAX’s Tom Bradley Terminal, there are two properties we could use. First one is Korean Airlines Lounge which we’ve used many times. And the latest one is actually a restaurant, a Chinese restaurant – PF Chang’s.


Using your Priority Pass at PF Chang’s gives the cardholder a $30 credit that’s consumable at the restaurant (excluding tip). When you factor in the ability of bringing two guests, that’s a $90 value for all three individuals. For our trip to Spain and Amsterdam, I had such a crazy work day before we got to the airport, and we had  built up an appetite by the time we made it to the airport.


We ordered fried rice combo, Walnut shrimp and melon, lettuce wraps, and hot and sour soup. The total cost was $63.87. All I had to pay was $3.87 and I added tip. To be honest, I am not exactly the biggest fan of PF Chang’s, but with up to $90 credit when traveling out of  LAX, you can count me in! The portions were so generous, and surprisingly delicious.


Which credit card gave us access to PF Chang’s? We actually carry two of these premier credit cards – Chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Business Platinum. I wrote an entry a few months ago about Chase Sapphire Reserve as to why it remains permanently in our wallets.

One more Priority Pass visit – Korean Airlines Lounge

After leaving PF Chang’s, we paid a quick visit at KAL Lounge. I had one goal which was to pick up cup o’ noodles or ramen bowls. It’s a force of habit. I usually bring this on board with me during my plane ride, and if I get hungry during the flight, I slurp a good bowl of ramen. This was exactly how I got featured on the Wall Street Journal. Here’s the WSJ article.

Having a Priority Pass has given us additional reasons to get to the airport earlier than scheduled. It’s our little treat to ourselves. There are other cards out there that offer Priority Pass as a perk, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Business  Platinum are just two of the ones we happen to carry.

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By Jason

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