Tokyo AirBNB for 17 guests? No problem!


Ok so nine of us made it to Tokyo on Friday. We flew from Los Angeles direct flight via ANA. However, the challenge of finding accommodations for nine doesn’t start there. Here’s our break down of our traveling party, and from which part of the world we were all coming from, and our arrival dates:

  • Los Angeles (April 8) – 1
  • London, UK (April 8) – 1
  • Philippines (April 11) – 3
  • Los Angeles (April 12) – 9
  • Philippines (April 12) – 2
  • Los Angeles (April 14) – 2
  • Japan – 1 (current resident)

17 guests? No problem

Folks, if you think finding an AirBNB that will suit your needs is a monumental task, I suggest you rethink that. Look at our numbers above. 17!!! For the first leg of our Japan vacation, there were 17 of us who needed a place to stay. We could’ve easily done separate bookings, but we decided that it would be best if we could all find ONE huge AirBNB for all 17 of us. That’s a tall order. Booking an AirBNB also allows us to have the comfort of feeling like you’re at home. Typically, these AirBNB’s have a living room, kitchen, washer/dryer – and with a group like ours, that’s a big plus.

Kids, nieces, & nephews

From L to R (Sheena, Ralph, L.A., Guien, Ethan, Iggy, Jenna, Maddie, Evan, & Caitlin) – 2 more are missing


Our niece, Jenna, became our cruise director. She was very resourceful, and did a lot of the background research. From creating our itinerary, to finding different places that would accommodate us all.  Yes, folks. She found three places in Japan that would host 17 of us in Tokyo, and then 19 of us in Osaka and Kyoto. Amazing!

First impressions of our Tokyo AirBNB

The moment we got off at Yotsugi Station, we followed Google Maps towards our Tokyo AirBNB. We walked through many residential homes and a few stores. It was quiet. We rarely saw anyone out on the street. Imagine the sound of our wheeled-luggage, that was the only sound you could hear.

The quiet streets of Yotsugi
Front door with security code

Once we entered the security code, we were pleasantly surprised with the space that we saw.

Here are the highlights

  • 3-storey home
  • 3 spacious bedrooms (with a private sink in each room)
  • 3 full bathrooms
  • Washing Machine/Dryer Combo
  • Rooftop Deck
  • Great room with living room area, dinette, and a full kitchen. 

Large Tokyo AirBNB for a big family
The kitchen

First Floor Bedroom

There were three full-sized beds, and a full bathroom.

Second floor bedrooms

There were 2 more bedrooms upstairs, one of them had two full-sized beds. The other one was a roomier space with up to 4 beds. This room also had a private bathroom and shower. 

Right outside there was also a toilet, a washing machine/dryer, and full bathroom. 

The third level

There was a rooftop deck with views of the Skytree Tower.

We loved, loved this AirBNB. It was a great space for all 17 of us. We only stayed here for two nights. It was a short distance to the nearest 7-11 convenience store. And was only 5 minutes walk to the nearest train station. 

7-11 was just a 3 minute walk from our AirBNB

What you need to know with booking an AirBNB for a big group

My AirBNB tips:

  • Find one that fits your budget
  • Look at the the overall price (most AirBNBs charge a service fee, plus cleaning fee)
  • Make sure to indicate the # of guests in your party (extra fees apply to additional guests)
  • Location, location, location (distance from train station and to the attractions you want to visit
  • Read the reviews
  • Ask the owner or manager questions prior to booking
  • Book with a credit card that will protect your reservation vs. paying with a debit card with no protection
    Outside the AirBNB

Final thoughts

Finding an AirBNB that fits all 17 or 19 of us comes with a price. It wasn’t exactly near the city center. We were at least a half hour train ride to the city attractions, but that’s okay. It was far more convenient to have us all in one place vs. having the difficulty of rallying all of us to meet in one central location. We are glad we made this decision to stay in one place.

Tokyo AirBNB shoe cabinet

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