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Ok, now that we are all checked in at our Kyoto AirBNBit was time to head out. We first walked over to Vivre, about a 7-minute walk from our AirBNB. We needed something quick to eat, and Kimiko suggested the food court at the nearest mall, Vivre. Most of us had udon and tempura – that was filling.

By the time, we finished our lunch, we headed back to our AirBNB, our rooms were ready by then. We changed, freshened up a bit, and made our way towards the Kuramaguchi Station again to catch a train towards Nara. We took 3 different trains to make this trek to Nara Park, famous for their deers and beautiful scenery that’s close enough to Kyoto. 

Once we got off the station, we walked through the nearest indoor market and once we got past it, we had most delicious mochi at Nakatanido. This place is famous for the pounding of the mochi. But by the time we got there, the pounding was all done and we weren’t sure when he’d be pounding again. So here’s a video from YouTube that shows you what I’m talking about. Credit to Panzerjedi.

Welcome to Nara
Cherry Blossoms at Nara
Evan with Bambi

What will I remember most about Nara?

Since we got there late in the afternoon, the area wasn’t as packed and crazy busy as the other touristy areas we’ve visited. I remember feeling sorry for one of the deers who was limping. I remember walking down the streets through the residential neighborhoods and appreciating their backyards filled with trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables. It was a slow-paced afternoon – what a way to take it all in.

Thanks for following our journey. Next up, Kyoto!

By Jason

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