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Do you have an American Express Platinum card? Business or Personal?

If you have the American Express Business Platinum credit card, one of the perks or benefits is getting a $200 statement credit when the card is used to purchase anything from Dell. The $200 statement credit could be used by getting $100 credit during these dates:

a. $100 credit when you purchase between January 1 through June 30

b. Another $100 credit when you purchase between July 1 through December 31

Additional $200 Dell statement credits – $400 total in 2020

With the current pandemic, American Express beefed up this $200 credit by adding another $200 on top of the original $200 credit. So this means, American Express Business Platinum cardholders could get a total of $400 statement credits in 2020 when you use your Business Platinum card when you shop at Dell.

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Hmmm, but I’m not really a Dell computer fan

Like many of you, I said the same thing. I don’t really buy Dell products. But to my surprise, Dell does not sell Dell-only products. For this year’s Dell credits, here’s what I’ve purchased to take advantage of buying $200 worth of Dell products in the Spring, and another $200 worth in the Fall of 2020.

Nintendo Switch Lite

I got this handheld console for my kids in the Spring. The total came to $214, and I received a $200 American Express Dell statement credit.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

Fast forward a few months a later, I decided to use my $200 statement credit  to buy a new Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II. It was worth $199 + tax. And a few days after I made the purchase with my American Express Business Platinum card, I received another $200 statement credit. I bought these headphones on November 1st, and on November 4th, I was given the Dell Statement Credit.

Image courtesy of Dell


My Dell statement credit from American Express

What else I have I purchased from Dell where I got to use my Dell statement credit? I’ve purchased Amazon Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Fit. Some of these were for personal use, others were used for gifts

What about the American Express Personal Platinum

Check your American Express Platinum (personal) card, and check your Amex Offers for $100 Dell Statement credit. You have to activate the offer.

Image courtesy of American Express


Make sure you know the perks that go along with your credit cards. This card, while it has a $595 annual fee, had given me so many credits that surpassed the fees. Some of these are temporary credits being offered due to the pandemic. So I made sure to take advantage of them all.

  • 100,000 American Express Membership Rewards (from sign up)
  • $400 Dell Statement Credit
  • $200 Appreciation Credit
  • up to $160 Shipping Credit (I’ve purchased stamps and sent packages at the US Post Office and received credits)
  • up to $160 Wireless Credit (I use this credit card to pay our cell phone bills with Verizon)
  • Countless statement credit from using Amex Offers

Your credit card is no longer just a piece of plastic. Know all the benefits and take advantage of them. If you want to apply for this American Express Business Platinum or the American Express Platinum (personal)credit card, click the links to apply.

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