One of the best ways I try to take advantage of when it comes to earning miles and points is by taking advantage of Bonus Transfer Offers. What does this mean? You earn additional bonus points when you take advantage offers – bonus in transferring to travel partners. In the past, I’ve taken advantage of bonus transfer offers by American Express to British Airways and to Virgin Atlantic.

How we booked two ANA 1st class tickets to Japan ($35K value) using points

How we booked six FREE tickets to Hawaii for the 4th of July (worth over $4000)

I haven’t taken advantage yet of doing this with Chase. And it’s finally here. It’s a bonus offer to one of my favorite partners, British Airways.

30% Bonus Avios with British Airways, AerClub, and Iberia Plus

  • Log in to your Chase Ultimate Rewards Account
  • Click on Transfer to Travel Partners (option not available on Chase Freedom, Freedom Flex, Freedom Unlimited)
  • You will see a list of different Chase Travel Partners – you can transfer your Ultimate Rewards points from Chase to the listed partners
  • You need to have a British Airways Avios Account, Iberia Plus Account, and AerClub for these points to be transferred to
  • Creating these accounts are FREE
  • From experience, the transfer takes place instantaneously
  • Deadline for this offer is December 9, 2020
Image courtesy of Chase
Image courtesy of Chase

I don’t have any plans to fly British Airways, or Iberia, or Aer Lingus

I personally have done lots of transfers to British Airways. I’ve not yet tried Aer Lingus/AerClub or Iberia. So I’ll share my British Airways experience.

Not to worry, transferring your points to British Airways doesn’t mean that you only have to fly their airlines. Here are few examples of places we’ve traveled to where we transferred points to British Airways, but we flew other airlines:

  • Hawaii – we’ve used this many times, we’ve booked flights of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island
  • Australia – we flew Qantas between Sydney and Melbourne
  • Hong Kong/Taiwan – we flew round trip between Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Peru – during our trip to Machu Picchu, we used our points with British Airways and flew between Cusco and Lima

So as long as you check on availability with British Airways, you could fly to different parts of the world and transfer points.

Example of 30% bonus

To fly to Hawaii from Los Angeles on a round trip ticket will cost 26,000 Avios points. Because of this 30% transfer bonus, one would only need to transfer 20,000 points to get to 26,000 points that are needed for a roundtrip ticket to Hawaii.

That’s a savings of 6,000 points per person. So for someone like me with a big family, we would normally need 156,000 points for 6 roundtrip tickets. But with a 30% transfer bonus, that’s saving us 46,800 points or 7,800 points per person x 6. That’s how I maximize or stretch out our points.

Things to remember before doing a transfer

  • Avoid making presumptuous booking
  • Once points are transferred from your credit card to the  travel partner, there is no turning back, it stays with the travel partner

Will you be taking advantage of this 30% offer? Let me know!



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