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I found myself randomly browsing through my Venmo app and noticed a Rewards section. I clicked it and found a special deal with Venmo that allowed me to earn rewards.

How to check you Venmo Rewards Offer

  • Go to your Venmo app on your smartphone
  • Once your app is open, look at the top right hand side, with 3 lines (the menu bar)
  • Click those 3 lines
  • Halfway down you’ll see REWARDS, and if there’s something in RED, that means you have rewards info waiting for you
  • Click REWARDS (here’s an example of what I saw)


Image courtesy of CVS
  •   Click Pay with your QR code, this is what you will show when you’re ready to pay.

What’s the $10 cash back at CVS

So how exactly did this play out in real life? This was my detailed experience when I used this promo at CVS.

  • Looking at the terms, it didn’t seem very restrictive.
  • I followed what it said – to purchase something $20 or more
  • I used mine to purchase a $25 Amazon Gift card
  • I gave the Amazon gift card to the cashier and advised her that I’d be using the Venmo QR Code to pay for my purchase
  • She didn’t know what to do, but remembered seeing instructions how to do so
  • She followed the instructions, scanned the QR code from my phone
  • I proceeded to complete the transaction by pressing ‘Pay Now’
  • A receipt was printed, and my Venmo app was updated with the following screenshots

Note: The $10 cash back was not automatic. I still had to pay for my purchase in full. According to Venmo, it should 24 hours for the $10 to be sent. But in my experience, it 3-4 days. Once the funds are in your Venmo account you, you could use it to transfer to your bank account or apply the funds to your future purchase.

Image courtesy of Venmo

I hope this helps. So go check your Venmo account, and see if you have any Rewards for you to use for a future purchase.

For more deals and tips, follow me on my travel page on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter

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