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What to expect during your Global Entry Renewal Zoom Meeting Appointment

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My son and my mom renewed their Global Entry membership. They were both conditionally approved. I went online to see what’s next, and learned that they needed to interview. And in case you didn’t know, there’s a delay in processing.

Interview options for those renewing

For renewals, you could interview in person, or find a remote availabilty (via Zoom meeting). I learned that in 2021, “U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has launched a remote interview pilot for renewing Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) members.”

To be eligible for the remote interview pilot, TTP members must:

  • Be conditionally approved for a TTP renewal;
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Have a photo on file with CBP that was taken (1) within the past 10 years, and (2) after the applicant was 14 years of age; and
  • Have previously submitted fingerprints to CBP.

Looks like my Mom met all of those requirements. So the next thing needed was to schedule an interview.

Scheduling Global Entry interview

We signed in to her TTP account and clicked on the option to schedule her interview. The options given were:

Knowing that we have the option of doing this remotely, that was the option we chose. I’m not sure if this is the case daily, but around 11:00 am PT, I saw lots of available time slots for Los Angeles interviews via Zoom meeting. This was all for the same day, there were many afternoon time slots. So without even asking my Mom, I just grabbed a 4pm slot for her.

I grabbed the 4pm PT/7pm ET slot. It gave straightforward instructions along with Zoom meeting link for her appointment.

When you’re related to me, you gotta be quick, gotta learn to adapt

I told my Mom that I just scheduled her a 4pm appointment. Well it turned out that my Mom had a church function at 5pm, meaning she’d be rushing from the interview and then had to make her way to church. So we had to think fast. She reached out to one of the church officials, and he offered her to take her interview in one of the offices at church.
My son, Ethan, on the other hand, his Zoom interview was scheduled a few days later. I was able to capture the differences between both interviews.

What to prepare for Global Entry Renewal appointment

This is what she needed:
  • A computer with a video camera with access to Zoom (I’m assuming a cell phone would work as well)
  • A valid passport.
  • A permanent resident card (if applicable)
  • One document providing proof of residency. Examples include a driver’s license, mortgage or rental payment statement, utility bill, etc. Note: This is not required for minors and you will need an alternate proof of residency if your driver’s license address does not match your current address.

The Global Entry Zoom Interview

Mom’s Interview

We made it to the church office by 3:30pm PT. Signed in to her TTP account, clicked on the Zoom meeting appointment link, and launched Zoom. We were early, and the link gave us an option to test mic and speaker, and the video for clarity. Checked them all. No issues. 
There was just this one little box that showed that we were just waiting for the host to get the meeting started. It was around 4:01pm, the screen had changed. We had to make sure that we turned on the camera, and that her mic was unmuted. We saw the officer’s face came up on the screen.

The interview was plain and simple – easy!

The officer greeted my Mom
Asked my Mom if she had any questions, in which my Mom replied, “not yet”
Showed her passport and driver’s license close to the camera for verification
Mom showed her passport


Yes, that was it. It was that quick. After showing those two documents, Mom’s Global Entry renewal membership was renewed. No sweat!
Shortly after, an Approval Notification appeared on her TTP online account. Her existing Global Entry membership number did not change.This number will also act as her Known Traveler Number for her TSA Pre-Check benefit.

Ethan’s interview

My eldest son, Ethan, renewed his Global Entry membership last January. We didn’t realize that he needed to interview. So we found an in-person interview in December 2022 slot. But I was on a mission to get him a remote interview (via Zoom). That interview just happened 8 months ahead of schedule. I mean, why drive an hour to Los Angeles when you could do it from home, in shorts and socks? 😛 At around 1:30pm, I told him he needed to be signed in 15 minutes before the 2pm interview.
Ethan’s Global Entry Interview at home
He signed in 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment. The officer signed in early (10 minutes before the scheduled time) and began the interview. It’s a good thing Ethan was already signed in to Zoom. After confirming his name and address:
  • Where have you traveled?
  • Who do you usually travel with?
  • Were these trips for business or pleasure?
  • Do you have any relatives in those countries you’ve visited?
  • How long do you usually travel?
  • How many times do you travel in a year?
The interview lasted no more than 3 minutes. Approved. His Global Entry is good for 5 more years. Same known traveler number. He will get a new card in the mail.
I hope this helps many of us who have to renew and have to interview. Doing this over Zoom was so convenient.
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