REVIEW: Three Hyatts in Tokyo – Hyatt Centric Ginza, Andaz Tokyo, Hotel Toranomon Hills

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We went on a whilrlwind trip to Japan. I love creating content for my Instagram account, and my Facebook Travel Group page so we decided to visit 3 different Hyatt properties in Tokyo:

  • Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo
  • Hotel Toranomon Hills
  • Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills


We booked our business class flights with Japan Airlines nearly a year ago. It was such a sweet deal of 60,000 American Airlines Aadvantage Miles + $5.60 per person. But it wasn’t until a week before our flight to Tokyo when we finalized our hotel stays. My plan was to simply make it a true Hyatt visit and chose Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo.

Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo

It was on our second day in Japan when we moved to Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo. We had stayed at Hotel Vista Tokyo Tsukiji. And as you could imagine, it was near the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Why did I choose this?  This property was only a 12-minute stroll to Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo. And that’s what we did. We left Hotel Vista around 11am, and dragged our two carry on luggage down the street.

The surroundings

I get asked to describe this area of Ginza. Lots of restaurants, and stores, many of them high-end luxury shopping. Once we turned to the street where the Centric was located, it was surrounded by Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci – all of them were just a few steps away from the hotel.

Once you enter the lobby, you are immediately led to the elevator and you have to catch the elevator to the hotel’s lobby.

To be honest I didn’t really read up much about this property. But there was something about “Ginza” that intrigued me. Maybe it was because I do not remember visiting Ginza during our 2019 visit.

Transportation to and  around the Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo

Since we didn’t come directly from the airport, I’d say it could you take you over 40 minutes (train and walking) from Haneda Airport and over 1.5 hours from Narita. The nearby train stations that we used around the Centric – were the Yurakucho Station, Ginza Station, and Shimbashi Station.

Since the hotel is located in the middle of a major shopping district, lots of cab drivers circle the area. On our last day, the lady at the building’s main entrance hailed a cab for us.

The hotel lobby

At check-in, Taiko from the front desk assisted us. He recognized our Globalist status, however, the hotel was already fully committed, and had the suites assigned to other guests. The best he could do was give us a room on the 12th floor.

Our room was ready when we checked in around 11am. Before heading to our room, we walked around the lobby. There were display shelves, and towards the back  were two arcade games (Pac Man and Space Invaders). There were lots of snacks (crackers, candies, water, iced tea, soda) that the guests could avail of in this section of the lobby.

Our Standard Room with Two Twin Beds

Do Globalists always get a guaranteed suite upgrade? Nope. And that’s okay. Instead we were given two twin beds – reminded me of watching I Love Lucy! You know? Where Ricky and Lucy each have their own twin bed.

We had booked a standard room with two twin beds. We didn’t really need two beds. I wasn’t exactly expecting much from a “standard room” – but was I pleasantly surprised to see the beauty of this room.

I didn’t realize how spacious this standard room was going to be. It actually felt like a mini-suite since there was a sink and coffee/fridge area right in the middle of the room which created somewhat of a separation.

We had a view of the buildings right outside, no major views per se. The shower had a bathtub, and there was a separate room for the toilet. The room also had a Nespresso machine, tea kettle, iron, and ironing board.

Over $800 USD per night, but we used points with Hyatt to book this property at 25,000 points per night.

Here’s an Instagram reel, a short video of our room (click here)

Thank God for blackout shades

This was our 2nd day in Japan, and we were so tired. Major jetlag kicked in and we decided to take a short nap. The automatic blackout shades helped tremendously and the room was pitch black. We napped for about 2 hours and for happy hour or very early dinner, we went to Torigin (just a few minutes walk) and feasted on Yakitori (chicken skewers).

Napped again….no, we slept

After eating at Torigin, we were really tired from the time change, and decided to go back to our room to rest for a bit. Well, that didn’t go as planned. We went to bed at 5pm and woke up at 2am. We were exhausted and but truly needed to sleep.

Ramen at 4am? Why not

Yes, I checked my phone where to eat in the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t want to venture too far. I found Hashigo Ginza Honten.

It was short 4 minute walk from our hotel to have a bowl of ramen and siumai in Ginza. Our server had a feast taking our pics and wouldn’t stop until we laughed. 4 am? Yes! Come on! Live a little.

The buffet breakfast

We headed downstairs to Namiki 667 (located directly one level below the lobby. A very spacious restaurant which offered buffet breakfast. This was a breakfast I surely enjoyed. I skipped the typical Western dishes, and focused on the Asian choices. I kept it simple. I had grilled salmon, and enjoyed a couple of bowl of Ikura (salmon roe), I tend to get fixated on a few things vs. trying every little item.

As World of Hyatt members, we also get 2 free drinks at the Namiki bar.from 5-9pm. As Globalists, we get our free daily buffet breakfast valued at over $40 per person.
Were the 25,000 points worth it? For us, yes. Most definitely.Having the option to check in early, and be in the heart of many things in Ginza.

Hotel Toranomon Hills

During our stay at Hyatt Centric, we checked the Hyatt app and found availability at Hyatt Toranomon Hills for 25,00 points per night.
A standard room for that night was charging close to $500. When we checked the Hyatt app that morning, a room with 1 King Bed was ready for us. The app gave us no upgrade. So we didn’t proceed with the app check in process. Two hours later, while driving on our way to Mt. Fuji, we checked again, and we got upgraded to a Deluxe Corner Suite King with City View. Once we saw that we were upgraded, we immediately checked in using the app. How much a suite like that? Over $1,400 per night. And we booked two nights at 25,000 points each. No suite upgrade award was used.

Here’s the Instagram short video of Hotel Toranomon Hills

Check-in process

We arrived past 7pm. We were quite exhausted from a day tour to Mt. Fuji and Hakone. The saving grace was the anticipation of trying this hotel which opened just three days earlier (Dec 3, 2023). First impression, the hotel was surrounded by buildings giving you the vibe of Downtown LA or Lower Manhattan Financial District.
Once we entered the lobby, I noticed two restaurants downstairs, and a front desk area close to the entrance. The lobby was not boasting in any kind of grandeur feel, but everything was so new, and clean.
This is Nene, Duty Manager at Hotel Toranomon Hills
Nene, the duty manager, welcomed us to the property. She recognized our Globalist status, and had advised us that we were upgraded to a Deluxe Corner Suite King with City View. I asked her if there was a room with Tokyo Tower view, and she said that room was not available. But we were still thrilled for this City View suite. After checking in, I was also greeted by Hicham Hicham, he is the Implementation Manager assigned to rollout this newest Hyatt property. He’s on the Food and Beverage side of the business.
This is Hicham, Implementation Manager at Le Pristine

The Lounge

Hotel Toranomon Hill is part of Hyatt Unbound Collection of properties. The hotel has a lounge on the 11th floor. We decided to head straight to the lounge to check it out. It was already close to 8pm.
First impression, and this is going to sound like #firstworldproblem – it’s a far walk from the elevator to the lounge unlike most lounges I’ve been to. Again, first world problems! Once we got to the lounge, Nang assisted and gave us a tour. The lounge is open 24 hours a day. They do have very light snacks (do not expect major appetizers and dishes from what you might get from a Club Lounge). There are selections of coffee, tea, tonic water. Lots open space for you to relax. One of the most eye-catching section is the right hand section of the lounge, you get to see Tokyo Tower.
Nang gave us a tour of The Lounge

Resting Room

If ever you arrive early and your room is not yet ready, or you have to check out and have a later flight, head upstairs to The Lounge’s Resting Room. There’s an elevator and stairs that take you there. There are three rooms in the resting room that serves as your place to relax. There are shower rooms as well on this floor.

Deluxe Corner Suite King with City View, but wait, is that the Tokyo Tower I see?

We finally made it to the 12th floor, our Deluxe Corner Suite King with City View. Upon entering the room, the blackout shades automatically rolled up. The next thing that greeted me were the City Views. No, wait. More than just the City Views. But Room 1207 also had the Tokyo Tower View. It was directly in front of us. That was a nice surprise. A hotel that was only 3 days old got me an upgraded suite with views of Tokyo Tower. Thank you, Hotel Toranomon Hills.
The toilet was off to the left as you enter the room. For this suite, this is the only toilet. As I headed forward, there was a round dinette with a Nespresso Machine, complimentary snacks, and fridge with minibar. The non-alcoholic drinks were free. There’s a half-bean shaped like sofa, while I didn’t check, I don’t think it converts to a sofa bed. As we began entering the bedroom the walk-in closet and shower and tub were off to the left. And then the spacious corner bedroom with the windows in front of us and to our right. Again, from this room, city views plus view of Tokyo Tower.
The windows weren’t exactly fully clear. The lower portion of the window looked to be frosted or covered or patched for privacy. Not really sure I was a big fan of the window. I would’ve loved a clearer window. According to Hyatt’s description, this room is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design. From my non-professional standpoint, it was quite simply clean, very minimal approach, nothing too gaudy, and it worked for me!

Le Pristine Breakfast

Breakfast was served at Le Pristine. There were menu items and we were advised to pick one item from the menu, but we could eat and drink whatever we wanted from the buffet service. Just like the Hyatt Centric, I was fixated on the drinks and selections I normally do not get to have in the US.
This is Hicham, the Implementation Manager at Le Pristine
The staff was very attentive. Hicham, the Implementation Manager, came over to our table to once again greet us and welcomed us to their restaurant. Mar, one of the servers, also took the time to talk to us, and gave us helpful tips on what to visit in Tokyo.

Transportation to and  around the Hotel Toranomon Hills

We arrived at Hotel Toranomon Hills via a cab. There wasn’t exactly a drop off location directly in front of the hotel, so we were dropped off to the side which was a very short walk to the entrance.

Lots of roadwork construction

As far as train stations, the hotel is directly connected to the Toranomon Hills Station. You don’t really need to go outside, just follow the signs from the Front Desk that connects to the station. The nearby lines were Ginza Line and Hibiya Line

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

On the day that we saw the availability at Hotel Toranomon Hills, we also noticed the off-peak rate availability at the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. Of course, we had to book that for 25,000 points per night. We figured, we’re in Japan. Let’s do it….and so we did. The rates here for a standard room could go as high as 35,000 for the month of December.

If we paid for a standard room using Cash Rate

Check-in process

When we opened up the app on the morning of check-in, it looked like we were not given any sort of upgrade, just a standard king room with park view. I believe there was also a room with Bay View and Tower View. Since the Andaz was a just a 10-minute walk from Hotel Toranomon Hills according to Google Maps, we decided to walk over to the Andaz to check out the scene.

Once we were inside the building, we had to go to the lower level to catch the elevator to the 51st floor Andaz Lobby. Jun greeted us and welcomed us at the Andaz. At the time of check-in, he gave us a few options King Bed with Park View, Bay View, and Tower View. I wanted the Tower View once more. Why? We’d be at a much higher level compared to our suite at Hotel Toranomon Hills where our room was somewhat eye-level with the tower. The Tower View room we were given from the Andaz was on the 42nd floor – which to me, we would be towering over the tower, and I was right.

Since we didn’t have all of our stuff, and weren’t exactly ready to check in, we asked Jun if we could see the King Bed with Bay View. He gladly walked us to the room so we could make a decision. The Bay View room was great, it had city views and bay views, but I was dead set on getting another Tower View. It was just like having the view of the Eiffel Tower (while I do prefer the more iconic Parisian tower). After leaving the Bay View room, we thanked Jun and told him we’d be back later that afternoon with our belongings.

The King Bed with Tower View

We checked out at Hotel Toranomon Hills and Masaki assisted us. He thanked us for our stay and he also mentioned that he also worked at the Andaz Tokyo. He made sure we got to our cabs, and personally walked us outside. Thank you, Masaki.

It wasn’t until after 5pm when we returned back to the Andaz to finally check-in. Fukaoka helped us with officially checking in. We were led to the lounge area directly across the front desk. They were also preparing a happy hour at 6pm, a nightly service for the guests. Once checked in, Fukaoka guided us to our room, and we were so delighted to see Tokyo Tower once again.The views from this room felt that we were so much closer to the tower.

There were also some gifts for us from the Andaz, a bottle of wife, snacks, and a greeting card. Jun stopped by shortly after we checked in to our room and welcomed us once again.He talked to us about the other properties we should consider visiting in the future such as Park Hyatt Tokyo, and Park Hyatt Kyoto. It was all of these little personal touches that made a difference with the Andaz.

The welcome gifts from Andaz Tokyo

Yes, we didn’t get upgraded to a suite. But it was just me and my wife on this trip and we were glad enough to have been upgraded to a room with Tower View. On a clear evening or day, there’s no denying how stunning it was to see that tower.

Our King Room with Tokyo Tower View at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

The video tour of our King Bed with Tokyo Tower View

I just realized that I took short video clips vs. photos of the room. Here’s the link to the Instagram video.

AO Spa and Club Andaz Tokyo

This was our last hotel stay in Tokyo, and by this time, we’d have walked thousands of steps over the past few days. We were quite exhausted so it was a good thing that this hotel served as a respite from all the busy days we’ve had exploring Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and Hakone.

On our last morning, before we had our breakfast, I decided to go the spa on the 37th floor. It gave me the chance to check out the pool facilities. Here’s how it went down that morning:

Pool lady: Welcome to the spa at Andaz Tokyo. Will you be using the pool today?
Me: I guess so
PL: Here’s a swim cap and goggles for you to use when using the pool
Me: (thinking to myself) I’m no Michael Phelps😁
Another attendant gave me a tour of the locker room
– sauna
– two different pools
– shower room
Then he walked me to the main pool area, and showed me the other choices:
– hot tub with carbonated water
– regular jaccuzi
– pool for walking/exercise
– the main lap pool.
Attendant: Any questions?
Me: Where’s the slide?
I spent over an hour and relaxed on hot tub with carbonated water, regular jacuzzi, and pool for walking/exercise. I also exchanged stories from two other guests from the US who were also visiting Japan. That was a great way to relax on our last day.

Breaktfast Buffet at The Tavern in Andaz Tokyo

From the pool, we headed straight to the 51st floor for our breakfast. As Globlaists, this brekfast was included. Order whatever you want from the menu and you also get to access the buffet. You can order more than one item from the menu.

  • ¥6,600 or $45.26 per person
  • Free for Globalists = $90 value for me and Nancy

It was a circus of breakfast choices and keeping it consistent with my choices in Japan, i focused on items with Asian flare. Breakfast was plentiful, and I must say, enjoyed the simple things – the Green Drink and the dragonfruit.

So which hotel and location do I prefer?

I got asked this question quite a bit. Which of the three hotels do I prefer? First of all, no matter which hotel overall, we had a great experience at all 3 properties. The rooms were in perfect order as you might expect, and the staff members from all 3 properties were very attentive.

While I am glad to have tried the very new Hotel Toranomon Hills and Andaz Tokyo, I didn’t really care much for the vibe outside of these hotels. It was one skyscraper after another, very busy business-like atmosphere. For someone like us who were vacationing in Japan, we found ourselves exploring outside of Toranomon Hills. So if I return to Tokyo, I’d like to try another property outside of Toranomon Hills.

And yes, Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo is more up my alley. I felt more connected to this hotel. No, we didn’t have a need to go high-end shopping. But if shopping is your thing, there are also other stores that would cater to your budget. We did spend a good amount of time at Uniqlo Global Flagship Store in Ginza which was just a few minutes walk from the hotel.

The Centric was also just 10-12 minutes walk away from Tsukiji Fish Market (and, no….they also sold non-seafood items at the market). We spent 2-3 hours walking and eating our way around Tsukiji Market.I would easily head back to Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo on my next trip to Japan.

Tsukiji Fish Market – just a few minutes walk away from Hyatt Centric Ginza

What I learned when visiting busy destinations

We go on different types of trips. Some are business trips, some are family vacations, some are couples-only vacations. And under these vacations, some are laid-back beach type of vacations, while others are high-impact busy vacations. What’s my point here? We spent 5 days in 3 different Hyatt properties that charged 25,000 points per night. Our days and early nights were so busy that we only stayed in these hotels to sleep, shower, and have breakast in the morning. We didn’t really stay much n the hotel during the day or the afternoon. We were always out and about.

This was not only in Japan, but looking back at our many trips to New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Paris, Amsterdam, London….you get the idea. Busy city-life destinations. We were gone most of the day and just returned to the hotel to sleep and shower.

What’s my point? As much as I enjoy living in the lap of luxury, when it comes to busy vacations, I wouldn’t mind staying in a lower end property where the points needed are much less. I keep my travels pretty simple. Give me a place to sleep, with hot shower, clean beds and free Wi-Fi, I’ll be happy. That’s me.

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