Wahoo Roof Cleaning solved my homeowner insurance roof mold issue

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Back in May 2024, we received a letter from Liberty Mutual, our homeowner insurance company, that our policy will NOT be renewed on August 15, 2024. This letter served as a three-month notice so we could begin shopping around for a new homeowner insurance before the expiration date.

Liberty Mutual Non-renewal letter

Roof – Algae/Mildew/Mold/Moss

This was the reason why the policy was not being renewed. And the non-expert in me wondered, how the heck did Liberty know there were algae/mildew/mold/moss on my rooftop? I’m guessing drone/satellite work was the method and it was more cost-effective than hiring live human bodies to inspect.

It also begged the question – what roof does not have mildew or algae? We live in Southern California, and we’ve had quite a bit of rain the past few years. So I ask, is this situation happening to all others within California or outside of California? What about those states that get heavy snow or rainfall during the year? Do they also get letters from the insurance companies about Roof – Algae/Mildew/Mold/Moss?

When I read the letter from Liberty Mutual, there was no indication or guidance as a possible corrective action in order to turn this decision around. I called Liberty Mutual directly, and I asked the rep if we could get our roof cleaned, if that would reverse their decision. The rep who I talked to did not exactly give me any kind of hope. He gave me the indication that based on what he’s observed, these decisions were final – there was no room for correction. I got the feeling that he was suggesting that I better focus and shop around for a new homeowner insurance company. I could appreciate that honesty. At that time, there was no sense in fighting it. My course of action was to begin shopping around for a new homeowner’s insurance. I did have three months to shop.

HUCA – Hang Up, Call Again

I began doing the legwork of calling a few insurance companies. And while I found other insurance companies, Liberty Mutual’s rate were more favorable. It would cost us much more to move our auto and home insurance policies elsewhere. So I decided to give Liberty Mutual a call one more time. My intent at the time was to ask Liberty Mutual how much would it cost if I were to only keep my auto policy with Liberty Mutual (thus moving the home insurance to another company).

The rep, God bless her, I forgot her name. Let’s just call her “Grace” because she was so gracious. Grace told me that she’s heard of others who got their roofs cleaned, submitted before and after photos, and in some cases, Liberty Mutual rescinded the non-renewal, thus allowing the insured to stay with Liberty Mutual. She did not give me any guarantees. However, Grace gave me the following advise that if I were to get our roof cleaned:

  • submit before/after photos
  • send proof to propertyinspections@libertymutual.com
  • wait up to 30 days for underwriting decision

Great! That became my catalyst to begin looking for a roof cleaner.

Meet Aaron Kennedy of Wahoo Roof Cleaning

I immediately went to work on this.  On June 3rd – I posted a question asking for roof cleaner referral from my community’s Facebook page. Two group members, Elizabeth Eversen and Chris Bannon raved about Wahoo Roof Cleaning. I immediately sent a message to Wahoo Roof Cleaning, and within a few minutes I received a text message from Aaron Kennedy. I informed him of my situation, provided him my home address, and by the next morning, he had a quote for me. I requested to do this cleaning as soon as his availability opened up so I could also begin the appeals process with Liberty Mutual.

Much more than roof cleaning

Aaron sent me a quote which detailed what his crew would be doing. I expected a simple roof cleaning, you know…just pressure washing. But I was surprised to see what else was part of their services:

1. Pressure wash all roof tiles
2. Repair any cracked or loose tile
3. Clean gutters and jet downspouts
4. Clean all stucco siding
5. Clean all exterior windows and screens
6. Wash down plants and concrete

My wife and I were convinced. No matter the outcome with Liberty Mutual, we wanted to get our roof cleaned anyway. So Aaron and I agreed on June 19th. He advised for me to give my neighbors a heads-up of the roof cleaning that would take place, and that his crew would also need access to their yards in case there were any debris or dirt caused by the roof cleaning.

Roof cleaning day

Aaron and his crew arrived outside my house. He used his drone to take photos before the cleaning started. He had 3 crew members who worked that day. They asked us to close all our windows, and the rest was all for them to do. It was nonstop cleaning for 6-7 hours. They were there from 7:30 am to begin preparing the area, and they must’ve left past 2:00pm.

Aaron was onsite overseeing the progress of the work that was being done. I don’t have all of the technical specifics of the cleaning materials used. But to my knowledge, it was purely water, pressure washer, and this vacuum-looking machine that recycled the water. So nothing went to waste from what I’ve seen.

And to be perfectly honest with you, we’ve lived in our house for 19 years, and we’ve never had our windows washed. Wahoo Roof Cleaning cared for all of that by removing all the screens and cleaned all the exterior windows and screens.

Before and After

Here are some before and after photos that Aaron shared with me. The diferrence was clear. It was night and day. And all I could do at the moment was thank Aaron and his crew, and hoped that my insurance company would also see and appreciate the work that was done.

Later that evening, Aaron sent a complete invoice and a write up of what was done, along with all the photos. I simply used everything he sent me and I shared that with Liberty Mutual via email on June 20th. I prayed that Underwriting would reverse their decision.

I called Liberty Mutual on Friday, June 21st, and I was informed to give it 7-10 business days for review. In my mind, I’d be waiting after the 4th of July holiday.

Form of payment

I used a new credit card with American Express. I was working on a huge minimum spend, and paying this helped us get closer to meeting our minimum spend. There are was credit card fee (between 2%-3%) for this transaction. Everything was done by phone.

Non-renewal decision was quickly reversed

Not even a full week passed, I got an email from Liberty Mutual within 4 business days. They have rescinded the non-renewal. My policy will be renewed. No further action needed from me! Yes! What a relief! On the following day. Liberty sent me the actual renewal notice.

Here’s the email from the insurance company.



My takeaways

Quite a few lessons-learned here.

a. Understand the situation – instead of simply blasting the insurance company, I needed to find out what led to the situation and if there was anything I could do about it

b. Begin working on my back-up plans of shopping around for insurance companies

c. Practice the art of HUCA – it’s not that I was fishing for a different answer, but by calling again, I was able to get a representative who provided alternative solutions that could lead to a possible reconsideration

d. Shop for a recommended roof cleaner, and if I’m being honest, once I heard of Wahoo Roof Cleaning as recommended by two of my neighbors, I was immediately convinced that it was the right choice. I did not shop around for other roof cleaners. What made the process even much easier was the ease of dealing, coordinating with Wahoo’s Aaron Kennedy. There was no pressure from him. He presented his company’s services with ease and confidence.

e. Submit the pertinent supporting documents. There really wasn’t an “appeals process” per se. There wasn’t a form that needed filling out. All I was given was an email address, and the rest was up to me. I simply sent the photos, invoice, and a short blurb asking them to review and reconsider renewing my policy. The rest was up to the insurance company.

I learned a lot from this experience and I hope you did too.

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